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Judith Areen, Marc Spindelman and Philomila Tsoukala's
Family Law Cases and Materials, 6th Edition

This sixth edition continues the long tradition of innovation for which this casebook is widely known and prized. Preserving the best of earlier editions, it delivers an up-to-date overview of U.S. family law that weaves together black-letter rules, policy, narrative, history, transnational sources, and theory all into an accessible and teachable whole. The book is written to help teachers prepare their students to appreciate and engage family law's incredibly dynamic present, and to begin imagining how to actively shape its important, vibrant future. The book will be accompanied by a new teacher's manual and website for adopters

Professor Reviews

"The new edition of Areen, Spindelman, and Tsoukala's Family Law: Cases and Materials, is full of new material that both expands upon topics covered in earlier editions, and introduces new cases and other readings in cutting-edge areas such as comparative and international family law, same-sex and non-traditional relationships, assisted reproduction, and private ordering. It is accompanied by a highly useful and useable Teacher's Manual that includes helpful background and context about cases and larger policy questions, as well as concrete questions and problems for classroom use. The Sixth Edition has enhanced and reinvigorated my Family Law course, and I expect it will do the same for many others."

- Serena Mayeri
University of Pennsylvania Law School
Professor of Law and History

"Foundation Press has just released the Concise Sixth Edition of Family Law: Cases and Materials by Judith Areen, Marc Spindelman, and Philomila Tsoukala. This edition has several welcome features: it is now over 540 pages shorter, while having expanded coverage of family issues that might arise in the international context or when assisted reproductive technologies have been employed. Many new cases have been included, although the edition retains many of the cases from previous editions that were so useful in explaining and illustrating a variety of concepts. This edition discusses all of the issues that had been included in past editions, exploring some of them in greater depth, for example, child support. In short, those considering what to adopt for their basic family law course should give this text serious consideration."

- Mark Strasser
Trustees Professor of Law
Capital University Law School

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